Wednesday 12 September 2018

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Women should respect their husbands all the time - Funmbi Olaleye, Miss Tourism Ogun 2018 Top Model, says

During the weekend, we caught up with one of the top finalist, who is also the Top Model at the recently concluded Miss Tourism Ogun 2018, and it was indeed a lovely time out, below are some of the few things we talked about. 
Absolute Hearts: Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Funmbi: My name is Funmbi Olaleye, a model, dancer, student, voice over artist, singer and lots more. I’m 19, a goal driven and fierce lady and I’m the current Ogun State Top model.

Absolute HeartsTell us your experience at the Miss Tourism Ogun beauty pageant?

Funmbi: For me the pageant was empowering, inspiring, educating and it was also fun It made me discover some things about myself that I was yet to discover and it impacted me positively.

Absolute HeartsHow bad do you feel about not being crowned the winner?

Funmbi: Honestly I wasn't too happy but then I was happy I was the Top Model because modeling is a part of me that I can't edit. It's a competition and in every competition there's always a winner and at least I was part of the five winners that were selected. So. I'm happy with my position and I’m ready to elevate that position.

Absolute HeartsYou won the Top Model, what does that really entail?

Funmbi: It's mainly about modeling be it fashion, commercial, runway etc.. Its all about the modeling industry 

Absolute Hearts: Does this mean that you will go into full time modelling or you have other plans?

Funmbi: I sure will but I will also diversify because I have a lot of other things I'm into and are ahead of me.

Absolute Hearts We know some Nigerian parents see beauty pageant as a form of prostitution; did your parent ever try stopping you?

Funmbi: My parents have been really supportive I must say. They only advised me to be careful and disciplined from time to time as I have been modeling years before registering for Miss Tourism Ogun.

Absolute Hearts: Would you still go for more pageantry or this is your final stop? 

Funmbi: No this is not my final stop, in fact there is an international pageant for the winners and I am looking forward to take the international scene by storm.

Absolute Hearts:  There is a new feminist group that believe women shouldn’t knee down for their husbands, what your take on that?

Funmbi: Though I support and believe strongly in gender equality, but I don't support that. Women should respect and honour their husbands at all times. They are meant to be our friends and soul mate so that to me is out of hand.

Absolute HeartsIf you were given a blank cheque to model nude, how much will it be?

Funmbi: I'm priceless in that aspect as I can't go nude and my body is priceless.

Absolute HeartsWhat is next for you?

Funmbi: A lot,  I just want everyone to anticipate as I'm working on so many things to produce success. I have a photo story coming up soon title Love affair

Absolute HeartsWhat's your philosophy toward life?

Funmbi: Whatever you are doing do it well because what is worth doing is worth doing well, bring it on and never give up.

Absolute HeartsThank you very much for your time any final words you will like to leave us with?

Funmbi:  I’ll like to encourage the aspiring models not to give up. Yes the industry is a tough one but if you believe in yourself and give it your all, then the sky is just the starting point.  

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