Saturday 8 September 2018

I became a cab driver to support my music career - Project Fame winner Olawale

The internet was set ablaze during the week when a journalist revealed that the 2013 Project Fame winner, Olawale, is now a cab  driver. 
In an exclusive chat with Punch, the singer said that he became a cab driver to support his music career and dismiss notions that he squandered the N5m prize money he got in the music competition.

Olawale said, “It is very true that I am a cab driver. Everybody knows that money finishes, especially when you are in an industry where you have to pay for virtually everything. To promote your songs, you need money. When I completed the Project Fame competition, I released some songs, even after the one year contract I had with them expired. To release all those songs cost me money; it is not as if I won N200m. I resorted to driving cabs because a white collar job would not give me time to face my music career. At a point, I thought about how I could support my music career while working; I thought about jobs that would allow me to have time for my studio session and do what I love doing without being tied down under someone's employment. That is why I resorted to driving cabs . If I take up a white collar job, I would be in the office from 9 am to 5 pm and I would not have time for music anymore, which is what I have a passion for. Music is what I love doing.

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