Sunday 23 September 2018

I paid Lil Kesh N1.5m but he didn't promote my song - Upcoming artiste, Kesh's manager speaks

An upcoming artiste, Gasky, is presently unhappy with Lil Kesh, saying that he paid Kesh N1.5m for a music collaboration and he refused to promote the song.
Speaking during a recent interview, Gasky said he didn't understand why Kesh didn't show him love despite paying for the job.

Responding to the issue, Lil Kesh manager, Akeem Olamide, said that he was aware of the issue. He said, “Gasky sent a mail on Wednesday, we were at the video shoot; I can send photos to you. He wanted Kesh to upload the video on his Instagram page, but apparently, they didn't update us on time. He didn't have Kesh’s direct contact as there was a third party involved. The person who sealed the deal for him didn't follow up on it. When I saw the mail, I spoke to Kesh about it. He said he was informed late and he couldn't post a video that was released two months ago. We didn't hear from them when they started the video promotion. I honestly don't know how much he paid but I am certain they didn't pay Kesh N1.5m. There is a third party and it is possible for the person to take out his share before the money got to Kesh.”

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