Tuesday 25 September 2018

#StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah Episode Six

Some weeks ago, we started a new story series titled Berger To Ajah, new episode will be published every Tuesday. Here  is the link to the fifth episode in case you missed it (#StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah Episode Six. read the sixth episode below
What came out of her bag sale wasn’t what she was expecting, as promised, she was done with the bags within the two weeks’ time frame but the guy wasn’t available for delivery till a week after.
After collecting the guy’s number they kept on talking on WhatsApp, at least she felt giving him update on the bag won’t make him forget or change his mind about buying. Some days before she was going to deliver the bag, the guy chatted her up but this time their conversation had nothing to do with the bag, the guy was trying to shoot his shot with her. The delivery was supposed to take place on a weekday but the guy convince her to make it on a weekend so they can both get to see each other and talk more, this was after she first agreed to deliver the bags  herself.

Bimbo was very skeptical about meeting the guy, so she told Felicia to follow her. They met up at a mall in Ikeja, they did some chitchat before she brought out the bag to show him, he collected the bag from her, asked for her account number and transferred her balance into her account. After the business transaction was done, they started to get familiar with one another, just talking about random stuff but the guy wasn’t really feeling the vibes because Felicia was there. He kind of made this known when he first saw the girl and they were greeting each other, after Bimbo had said, “….and this is my friend Felicia”, he smiled a little as he replied “I see, you brought your friend along” but none of the girls read meaning into it, they didn’t understand what he meant by that.

After thirty minutes of random talk and the guy still playing it cool that he was okay with Felicia being there with them, things begin to get weird. It all started when Felicia said “…..na wa ooo so you won’t buy us something to drink”, he acted like a gentleman got up and got them something to drink though Bimbo kept on saying “…don’t mind her jare, we are okay”. After buying them something to eat and drink, he waited few more minutes after random talks had gone on, he then asked Felicia to excuse them, “….I will like to talk to Bimbo alone,” he said. Felicia left the table but took the snack and drink that the guy bought, she took both snacks and her own drink leaving Bimbo’s drink. As she was doing this, the guy was looking at her with so much disgust on his face, Bimbo could tell he wasn’t too happy with the way Felicia had behave so she tried to apologies on her behalf but then things just got escalated from there.

The reply she got when she said “don’t mind my friend jare, she can be naughty at times”, wasn’t what she was expecting. The guy went on for about 3 minutes or there about complaining about how wrong what Felicia did was, he even blamed Bimbo at some point. He said “what sort of naughtiness is that?, that’s not being naughty that’s being disrespectful. See how she is disgracing herself in public, well I don’t blame her, it's you that I blame, when you know this was going to be a date why did you bring your friend along?, how can you even be friends with such a person self……”                     

New episode next week

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