Tuesday 4 September 2018

#StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah (Episode Three)

We recently started a new stories series titled Berger To Ajah, new episode will be published every Tuesday. Here  is the link to the second episode in case you missed it. read the third episode below
Bimbo is lying down on the couch watching TV when Felicia walks in, they greeted each other before Felicia left for the room. Few minutes later she walks back into the sitting room with a bowl of Garri and as she takes her seat, it dawn on her that Bimbo is watching TV without pressing her phone. So she went ahead to tease her by picking up Bimbo’s phone from the table

Felicia: What’s wrong with your phone? 

Bimbo turns her attention to the table to check the phone then nice Felicia is holding it

Bimbo: Nothing ooo, my sub has finish jare

Felicia: No wonder, see as you humble in front of TV

Bimbo: Na you sabi

They both laughed as Bimbo focused on the program she is watching. Few minutes later Felicia was going through her own phone and she kept laughing out loud. Bimbo was forced to ask what was making her laugh. She passed the phone to her, she saw the content and couldn’t help but to laugh.

Bimbo: People on this app are not serious at all

Felicia: I’m telling you, see as they turn simple question to nonsense

Bimbo: I’m glad I don’t really understand the app self, me way dey like to ask mumu question, dey will have finish my life

Felicia laughs at her as she has this surprise look on her face

Bimbo: What?

Felicia: Did you just say you don’t understand Twitter?

Bimbo: I mean I can tweet and retweet but this trend thing way dem dey do na him I no understand at all

Felicia: Well to be fair enough, not everything you post will trend, some handle dey, na dem dey make gist trend, like this one now, just dm your gist and dem go post am anonymously 

Bimbo: Then how do you now follow the trend, you know say twitter feed dey plenty

Felicia: Just follow the hastag.

Bimbo: What if I tell you I never knew what that hastag was for?

Felicia laughs at her again 

Felicia: How can you say you don’t……..wait first, wetin you dey use your data do when you dey online?

Bimbo: Ode, na only twitter be the app wey dey abi, for your information, I enjoy Facebook

Felicia: No wonder

Bimbo: Abeg let me hear word, like you are not on Facebook, abi no be there you dey post all your slay queen pictures?

Felicia: See yourself, all those pictures are from my Instagram, my Instagram is connected to my Facebook, so I don’t need to login to Facebook before I post

Nepa interrupts the power, Bimbo picks her phone and said “who I fit call to do sub for me?”. As she was leaving the sitting room, Felicia laughs at her saying  “call those your Facebook messenger boys na

Next episode next week

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