Monday, 29 October 2018

Exclusive interview with Queen Nancy Nsofor, winner Miss Tourism Ogun 2018 beauty pageant

Hello guys, over the weekend we caught up with someone with great personality and charisma, it was so much fun chilling with her. Yes we are talking about Queen Nancy Nsofor, Miss Tourism Ogun 2018, below is an exclusive interview we had with her
Absolute Hearts: Hello, can you introduce yourself?

Queen Nancy: My name is Nancy Nsofor, I’m 22 years old, a 400l student of National Open University studying Tourism Studies and I’m the current Miss Tourism Ogun 2018. I’m a tourism enthusiast, launching my Tour company soon called Waka Waka Nation and my book too (The Girl Power). I run an initiative for girls called All Girls Foundation. It an initiative centered for the female child to live intentionally by exposing their mind to a sense of purpose through our mind reforming gatherings and meetings and educative outings.

Absolute Hearts: Tell us what being Miss Tourism Ogun State feels like?

Queen Nancy: Being Miss Tourism Ogun State has been a whole new experience and every experience has it good and bad moments or challenges but overall the feeling is great, it amazes me to know how people respect people with title, it really amazing.

Absolute Hearts: What motivated you to participate in this pageant?

Queen Nancy: I had no other motivation than the thirst to be more and become a pace setter in the Tourism industry. In other words to fulfill purpose

Absolute Hearts: How was the experience during the pageant?

Queen Nancy: The experience during the pageant was great being a rookie in the pageant world it was a bit challenging which is expected but the experiences sharpened me more.

Absolute Hearts: Growing up, did you ever think you would contest in any sort of pageantry?

Queen Nancy: Funny enough, while growing up that was what most people qualifies me as, I was the queen of my primary and secondary school but that was not a willing motive because most teachers and my mum just assume I’m the best for that position because of my height and beauty but I never saw myself pretty soon in the pageant world.
Absolute Hearts: Did you ever for once think that you had a chance of winning before the finale?

Queen Nancy: (Laugh) that almost every contestant’s imagination, to be announced the winner or be crowned.

Absolute Hearts: When you heard your name called as the Winner, can you describe how you felt at that moment?

Queen Nancy: I felt fulfilled, it was the week my dad was celebrating his 50th birthday, so all I wanted to give him as a birthday gift was to be announced the winner. So, when the moment arrived it was a grand fulfillment.

Absolute Hearts: Say you didn’t win, would you have felt cheated?

Queen Nancy: God has his way of rewarding his own but there must be a winner, so if that was the case I would not be happy and it might take a while to bounce back fully.

Absolute Hearts: How has the crown changed you as a person?

Queen Nancy: The crown is an identity, it has practically sharpened me to be contented with myself and trust the process

Absolute Hearts: What do you intend to achieve with your crown?

Queen Nancy: A lot of projects at hand, some of the projects are: I want to host the first Tourism Summit in Abeokuta Ogun state I want to start a Tourism Club in secondary schools, more masterclass training for tertiary universities students on professional courses related to Tourism and Hospitality Industry. These are the few ones that are important for the moment.

Absolute Hearts: As a woman, do you feel like a weaker person if a man opens the door for you?

Queen Nancy: Of course not, we human beings have eyes but we all see differently, feminism is a different thing to me same to another person.

Absolute Hearts: If you are in a position of power, how would tackle child and sexually abuse?

Queen Nancy: Work closely with the judiciary system, an emergency support center for sexually assaulted girls or Child Abuse cases and most importantly more creatively Awareness to every parts of the country.

Absolute Hearts: What projects do you have coming up or are you currently involved in?

Queen Nancy: I just completed the 5th Year anniversary of the All Girls Foundation and I visited 5 schools in three cities, Lagos, Ota and Abeokuta and by God grace I will be launching my book titled The Girl Power soon
Absolute Hearts: What next in terms of future ambition?

Queen Nancy: Pursue my master degree and become a certified Hospitality and Tourism Consultant. I want to pursue my political ambition by becoming a Special Adviser for Tourism and Culture either at the state or federal for a start, so help me God.

Absolute Hearts: Thank you very much for your time any final words you will like to leave us with.

Queen Nancy: No other words than your best and brighter days are still ahead, so just keep blossoming.

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