Monday 15 October 2018

There is nothing political about Small Doctor's performance at APC rally - Management

The management team of Small Doctor, has reacted to a viral video where the singer told President Muhammadu Buhari to stop sleeping. 
During the recent All Progressives Congress convention in Abuja, Small Doctor was invited to perform and while on stage,  he said, “Buhari, ye ma sun”. A member of the singer's management team, said that Small Doctor was not worried when he saw the video, as he knew it was not politically motivated.  

The insider explained,  “Small Doctor didn't do anything unusual while performing at the event. He was there to entertain everyone, which he did. It was not the first time he would be performing the song and we have the video of the event on our devices too. The reaction of President Buhari when he was performing was different from what people saw in the video. They must have edited it. After Small Doctor performed, everyone enjoyed it and he went to greet some of the delegates, including governors and senators. He couldn't have greeted Buhari because he was far from him. You can tell that the video was politically masterminded. The people that invited us understand that he is an entertainer. Since they didn't see it as a problem, we didn't see the need to respond to the report or claim. If Small Doctor had come out to react to it, it would mean he did something bad. When Davido called him a legend for telling Buhari to stop sleeping, we understood what was happening.”

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