Tuesday 27 November 2018

#StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah (Episode Nine)

Some weeks ago, we started a new story series titled Berger To Ajah, new episode will be published every Tuesday.  Here is the link to episode eight in case you missed it. Read the Ninth episode below
A week after Uche sent the DM and had not gotten any reply, he decided to go back to that her reply under the “worst pick up line ever” to reply her own comment, he was hoping maybe that will get her attention. His plan was that if she doesn’t reply that, he will just move on to another girl, so he spent hours reading her reply and thinking of the most hilarious response he could type under it.

After thinking and thinking, he couldn’t come up with anything he felt was good enough, he decided to retweet her reply with the comment saying “this has to be the funniest thing I have seen on the internet in a long while, lol”. Just like he had hoped for, the comment got her attention as she liked the comment.

Any DM that isn’t about business, Bimbo had decided not to reply them anymore and the everyday tweet of too much dms, might take long but I will reply all #shootyourshot, #ifyoumissyoumiss” was also gone, she just go on Twitter to enjoy herself and do business. After the mall incident, she was done meeting up with any guy from Twitter. She had ignored the DM she got from the handle @Uchesmith but when she saw that the same handle retweeting her reply to the “worst pick up line….” thread with a comment, she decided to reply him though not immediately. The first thing she did when she saw it was to go check his profile and after that she also went through  some of his tweets after which she now liked his reply. Later that night, she decided to reply his DM.

Uche wasn’t really busy that night, he was seeing a movie when he got the notification on his phone. He had been ignoring most of the notification he was getting but as he saw a DM notification from @that_bimbochick he immediately paused the movie to reply her message. “My name is Uche living in Ajah if you don’t mind I will like to get to know more about you”, this was his reply to her message “I suggest you shoot your shot and stop TRYING unless this just became the worst pick up line”.

@that_bimbochick: You don’t even know anything about me and you want to jump to knowing more about me

@Uchesmith: I know you sell Ankara bags, I know you like movies and you are a fan of Davido, and if I guess right your name is Bimbo

@that_bimbochick: Seems like someone has been stalking me, I hope I am safe?

@Uchesmith: I won’t call it stalking, I was only trying to find a common ground

@that_bimbochick: Now that you have the ground, what do you really want?

Their chat went on till about 3am in the morning as they got to know more about each other, though Bimbo didn’t give him her number even though he asked her more than three times but just like she said “my DM is always open, anything you wanna say, say it here and I will reply you” and that she did, whenever he drops a message in her DM, she will replies him, at times this might not be immediately but before the day runs out she will definitely reply. 

She really got to enjoy their conversation a lot and after a month of chatting they decided to see each other.

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