Saturday 22 December 2018

Friendship is what has kept my marriage peaceful - Charly Boy

Charly Boy made the news recently when he announced that he was going to divorce his wife and marry her the next day. The Area Fada actually acted true to his words as a marriage ceremony was held in honour of him and his wife of 40 years, Lady Diane.
Speaking about the secret of his marriage of 40 years, Charly Boy noted that his ability to build a healthy friendship with his wife had kept his home together.

He said “Marriage is a game of management and perseverance that young people find difficult to conform to. Life comes with its own problems; one can never know what is around the corner, even though a couple is compatible, there will still be some issues they don't agree on. Friendship is what has kept my marriage peaceful. When someone is your friend, it will be easy to open up to such a person. To attain that kind of friendship there has to be mutual respect between the two people. Addressing issues with openness makes life easy every problem has a solution. I don't think some young people are willing to make all these sacrifices, they are always in hurry, they don't think about the future.”

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