Saturday 1 December 2018

My song 'Yahooze' wasn't glorifying internet fraudsters - Olu Maintain

Many people have sighted Olu Maintain's song Yahooze as the foundation to why musicians praising internet fraudsters, as they believe the song itself glorified Internet fraud.
But in a recent chat, the singer said he was not the one that began the trend stressing that his song was not meant to glorify Internet fraud and that the video he shot for the song passed the message across clearly.

He said “When you create a body of art, people can misinterpret it the way they see fit. I mean, Yahooze is 11 years old and if you watch the video of the song, it was centred around an upcoming artiste that got a million dollar record deal. That was the message I presented with the song. Does the music video in any way represent Internet fraud? The answer is no. I cannot be responsible for how people interpret a work of art. It is like a painting, a man would value a painting for millions of dollars but to the other man, it does not make sense. Art should be subjected to everyone's interpretation. My interpretation of that form of art was made very obvious.”

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