Saturday 8 December 2018

People taught I would never make it as a kid - Comedienne Helen Paul

Comedienne and presenter, Helen Paul recently released a song where she expressed all the struggles she had passed through to get to this stage of her life.
She said that she was a recording artiste and not a performing artiste. Helen Paul emphasised that she would only sing to express herself .

She said “What actually inspired the song was the moment I remembered a period in my life when someone told me I could never get to their level. While growing up, there was this particular woman who used to drive me away from her house; she used to tell her son not to talk to me because of my background. Suddenly she called me from the US and apologised, saying she was sorry. She asked if I was the popular Helen Paul. She was shocked, she congratulated me and told me to come and greet her anytime she is in Nigeria. I was just reminiscing about it and I was amazed that she actually called me. I was actually with Ayo Mogaji on a movie set and she was also sharing testimonies about how God had saved her and done things for her. So while we were talking, I came up with the lyrics of the song. She encouraged me to record the song, so that night, I called a producer and recorded the song, I am not doing it to be a musician; I am more of a recording artiste, not a performing artiste, I still remain a stand-up comedian and a presenter.”

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