Tuesday 11 December 2018

#StoryTuesday: Berger To Ajah (Final Episode)

Today we have come to the end of our story series Berger To Ajah which we started some weeks ago, this story was posted every Tuesday. Here is a link to Episode Ten just in case you missed it. Read the final episode below and expect a full run down of the whole series next week Tuesday
Uche sat on his chair, backing his system while Bimbo was sitting on the bed, even though they engaged in a conversation it was obvious Uche had lost interest in her. The person sitting in front of him wasn’t the person he was expecting, I mean she has a good body shape, but the height and that face after she had wash her make up away was a no no for him.

After they had both agreed that sleeping over was going to be the best option for her they chatted more about some other random stuff and Bimbo was digging the conversation more than Uche was. It got to that awkward moment where there was this few minutes pause in their conversation, that moment whereby if they were both sitting on the bed they could have kissed each other but he was so comfortable sitting on his chair, what made the whole scene more awkward was the statement he used to break that awkward silent. “I hope you don’t mind me finishing up this work, after that maybe we can go outside to get something to drink” he said.

While continuing his work, he was still making up conversation with her just like Tunde had advise him to, “…….guy e no matter, just give am the attention so you go fit knack” but after a while she fell asleep, when she notice that he was more interested in his system than her, she said “feeling kind of tired, I want to sleep”. Finally around past 7pm, Uche closed his system and woke her up, they went out to get what to eat drink and after they had ate, Uche engaged her in a conversation, this time his intention was plain and simple, talk a little before they knack. The conversation was centered on sex and little by little he was touching her, though when he first touched her, she frowned at it and he stopped. He got to a point he wanted to kiss her, she didn’t allow him but as the night went on and they continue to talk more, he finally got the chance to kiss her and eventually they had had s*x.

Bimbo got home the next day waited till evening to see If Uche was going to call her or even message her to know how her trip went but there was no call, no DM, nothing. She decided to message him, it was after her message that his message “I have been busy on my system”, came in. She was so angry with this statement that she said “but if it is to kiss and fuck me now, you know how to leave your system”. Bimbo was very pissed at his replies, that she just blocked him right away.

Uche was sleeping when Tunde came knocking on his door heavily, he woke up with annoyance screaming out “who is that mad person that want to break down my door?”, Tunde replied and said “na your papa be mad person, ogbeni better open door before police come carry you for house”. He opened the door and was trying to make Tunde know how upset he was about how he was banging the door but Tunde wasn’t even listening. Tunde said “Guy shut up and sit down, someone just accused you of being a rapist on Twitter”.

Like a wrecking ball, Uche's head began to spin and then he said, “guy better stop am, them no dey that kind thing joke ooo” he said back to Tunde. Tunde brought out his phone and showed him what has being going on twitter, he couldn’t believe his eyes, his timeline was blowing up, the #BergertoAjah was trending and his handle was right in the center of it.

Apparently Felicia had advice Bimbo to call out Uche on Twitter so that other girls won’t fall into his trap, not only did Bimbo take her advice, she even went as far as posting their conversation after she left his place. Uche wouldn’t have replied but when he saw that Bimbo was trying to insinuate that the s*x between them was not consensual that was when he lost his mind, he also had to reveal his own part of the story and added the screenshots of the chat that Bimbo didn’t put online, just to clear his name.


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