Saturday 15 December 2018

Those saying the music is thrash are the ones buying it - Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan, who has been in the music industry for over two decades, carved a niche for himself by always singing songs with good lyrical contents has opened up about the current music industry
He was quick to advise people to stop saying the new generation of artistes were singing thrash as there is a demand for that type of songs .

He said “I am very proud of the new crop of artistes and I do not have a favourite. I think Nigeria music has come of age, it is not fair to say that it is rubbish music that is out there. These singers are really brilliant, If you think of how they come up with the songs, how they have been able to push their songs and the peculiarity of the Nigerian music industry, you will know they still push their music. A lot of people do music to feed their families and themselves, creativity might not be a direct road to the market. In a situation like this, the people that are complaining that the songs are bad are the ones buying them. If the whole country is complaining that the music is thrash and at the end of the year and you invite these same people that their music is thrash to come and perform at your shows, then they are the ones buying the songs at the end of the day. If they know that they are getting money from it why would they not continue ? They have sponsors and if they do songs that have meaning but do not sell well, their sponsors would tell them to change their style so that they can make some money.

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