Friday 11 January 2019

DJ Lambo set to quit Chocolate City

According to reports emanating from Chocolate City, it appears that DJ Lambo would quit the label after the expiration of her present contract, this will also means that she will step down as President of the Choc Boi Nation unit.
A source close to the Chocolate City camp, who requested anonymity confirmed that, ''She informed them that she no longer wanted to renew her contract and the minute she said it, there were very few objections, so the question was, what is the best way to let her go and sorting details of her contract.' The label is not seeking to tie people down in situations that they don't want to be. It seems they are open to allow anyone who is no longer interested in the label's vision to exit as amicably as they can.''

The source also said that the announcement is set to be made official soon as they are tying up the necessary legal matters concerning her contract.

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