Friday 18 January 2019

How Digital Transformation is Propelling Customer Experience

Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. What's interesting about this is that it's not the companies that are driving this change. Instead, this change is being driven by the customer.
Today, customers expect relevant content in relation to what they're doing anytime, anywhere in the format and on the device of their choice. And in order to keep up with this new kind of "always-connected" customer, your business must embrace technology to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

But, first...what is digital transformation?
Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, resulting in fundamental changes in how a business operates and the value they deliver to their customers. It's about changing the way a business interacts with its customers and how they provide their customers with a consistent experience whenever and wherever they need it. The companies that do transform digitally are creating highly engaged customers.

The digitally-conscious customer
Digital technology has transformed consumer habits and trends. Mobile devices, apps, machine learning, automation and much more allow customers to get what they want almost exactly at the moment they need it. These new digital technologies have caused a shift in customer expectations, resulting in a new kind of modern buyer. Customers are constantly connected and aware of what they can do with technology. For example, an aggrieved customer can easily go on social media to rant if he/she is unhappy about a particular service. This has forced companies to adjust, employ social media managers to handle customer complaints in real time before it escalates.
Because of the opportunities that arise from using modern technology, customers often rate organizations on their digital customer experience first.

Digital transformation to satisfy customers
Digital transformation offers organizations an opportunity to understand the modern-day buyer, engage with them and deliver on their expectations of a multi-channel customer experience. Here are two ways to help your business get started with digital transformation.

A flexible IT environment
Having the right technology to power your digital strategies is fundamental in today's business world. Fortunately, many businesses believe that technology is critical to digital transformation and has deployed technology in improving customer experience. This enables companies to be fast, dynamic and flexible  – giving your organisation the ability to test new projects that are cost-effective and low-risk – allowing you to use technology to meet customer demands quicker.

Personalised customer experiences
Today's buyers want organizations to treat them as unique individuals, and know their personal preferences and purchase history. Customers are more likely to buy from a company that: (1) recognises them by their name (2) knows their purchase history, and (3) recommends products based on their past purchases.

In today's fast-moving and always connected society, companies are forced to seriously consider implementing a digital transformation strategy if they haven't already. Digital transformation offers organizations an opportunity to engage modern buyers, and deliver on their expectations of a seamless customer experience regardless of channel or place.

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