Sunday 6 January 2019

I’m not a threat to Broda Shaggi’s girlfriend - Aunty Shaggi

Many still believe that Broda Shaggi, and Sophie Ajireoghene, aka Aunty Shaggi, are more than just skit partners and to add fuel to the raging fire, Broda Shaggi recently got Aunty Shaggi a car.
However Aunty Shaggi maintained that she has a boyfriend. Speaking about her relationship, she said, “My boyfriend knows that what is between Broda Shaggi and me is work. Also, I don’t think Broda Shaggi’s girlfriend sees me as a threat too. When the car was presented to me, it took me about 20 minutes to come to terms with it. I kept shouting that it was a lie. It was an amazing feeling and I felt overwhelmed. This is my first car.”

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