Tuesday 29 January 2019

President Buhari is not the minister of corruption, he can't focus on a single policy- Olu Maintain

Weeks ago, a picture and video of Olu Maintain and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo surfaced online, it appeared that both where having a conversation and this made some Nigerians curious.
In a recent interview, the singer disclosed some of the things he was discussing with the VP.

He said “When I met with the Vice President last year, I told him specifically that one of the reasons their government was unpopular was because they had put anti-corruption at the forefront of their agenda. I told him that you cannot position yourself as a single-policy government. President Buhari is not the minister for corruption, instead he is the President of the nation, so education, finance, power, among other things, must be put in place and people have to see a measurable reflection of growth in the country, which has not been the case. Their excuse might be that the situation has degenerated to a level whereby before they can enact any form of policy, they have to clean the house but nobody said that it was going to be easy for them to fulfill the promises that they made during their campaign. When I was talking to the Vice President, he was looking at me strangely and said that we should have more of this kind of discussion often. I was just telling him about the way I felt,”

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