Thursday 10 January 2019

R. Kelly was raped at age 6 by our sister - R. Kelly's brother

It will be recalled that R. Kelly recently release a 17 minutes long song titled I Admit, a song he tried to use to clear his name of the several sexual charges he is being accused of.
In that song R. Kelly admitted that a member of his family also molested him for year and now due to his brother we know who that member of the family is. 

In a recent interview R. Kelly brother reveal that their older sister who was 16 at the time, molested and raped both of them for a span of about 6 years. The first time it happened, the brother was 6 and the older sister was 16. 

He says their sister was In charge of watching them while there mother had to work and her sister began to punish them for bizarre reasons. The punishment would be for them to stay in the house with her and not be able to play outside

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