Sunday 10 February 2019

Actress flaunting houses and cars on social media have benefactors - Actress Grace Ama

Nollywood Actress Grace Ama has come out to say that some of her female colleagues that flaunt their wealth on social media must have some kind of benefactors who often give them gifts.
However, the actress also stressed that there was a flip side to this as some people were not disposed to helping celebrities because they think the stars had it all.

She stated “When you want to pray, you ask God to send you a destiny helper, I’ m sure it is their destiny helpers that are buying cars and houses for them. It cannot be the same work that I do; we should not tell ourselves lies. I needed something badly at a time and I reached out to a friend, she told me that I was a big woman; I shouldn't be lacking. People forget that we are humans too before being actors and we are not as rich as we may appear on screen, On the other hand, I don't blame people. Actors that flaunt flashy cars and houses on social media are portraying the industry in a different way. We work hard too; they shouldn't make us feel like the lazy ones. Yes, some actors are doing well and we know them.

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