Friday 15 February 2019

In this music business, some people are ingrates - Lord Of Ajasa

Lord of Ajasa was discharged from the hospital last Tuesday after his Peptic Ulcer surgery and the rapper is now back home recovering. 
At the moment he is getting better and awaiting another surgery to remove some stones in his gall bladder.

The rapper spoke about how disappointed he feels about how some his colleagues where no where to be found when he needed them. 

He said “I am surprised that they changed their attitudes toward me. I don't want to mention names now they know themselves. Some of them are well known to members of the public. Although I have done a lot for these people , when I needed help from them they were nowhere to be found. Some of them even avoided contact with me. I am very disappointed in them. All I can say is that in this music business , some people are ingrates

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