Saturday 2 March 2019

I have never kissed a woman in a movie - Veteran Yoruba Actor Ogogo

Veteran Yoruba actor and producer, Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo, has come out to tell us why he doesn't really like playing romantic role in a movie.
The 59-year-old actor noted that anytime he plays a romantic role in movies, he cautions himself when it comes to having physical contact with a member of the opposite sex.

He said “I don’t really like romantic roles but when I have to do them, I have my limitations. How would my wife and children feel if they always see me kissing other women in a movie? For example, I have never kissed a woman in a movie; the most I can do is to give them a peck. One particular actress tried to kiss me on a movie set. I won't mention her name but after the act, she confessed that she had been looking for an opportunity to kiss me. After that incident such never happened again. I see everybody that comes to me as my fan, even women. If I tell you that I don't have a girlfriend, will you believe it? Every well-built man will always be admired by ladies.”

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