Tuesday 21 May 2019

#StoryTuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode Five)

We continued with our latest story series with the Fifth  Episode of I Married A Prostitute but just in case you missed the previous episode you can click here to read. Read episode five below
It’s been three months since I first came across this girl and somehow I still haven’t been able to stop thinking about her, I have tried everything, I couldn’t just to stop thinking about her, I even went ahead to date Chioma, a girl my cousin introduced to me like four months ago still when I’m alone I think about this prostitute that I don’t even know her name. I’m sure you won’t believe it if I tell you that I actually dreamt about her on two different occasions. 

I can’t really remember what the first dream was about but I can remember every single detail about the second dream. We met at a party, I was drunk and wasted, something I don’t do in real life,, I sabi my limit. I was actually having a conversation with her and we were also drinking and somehow I over drank and started misbehaving, to save me some embarrassment she took my car key and drove me home. On getting home she helped me to the shower and as water begin touch my body, my eye begin clear small small. After I was back to my senses, I thanked her for what she had done and asked what I can use to repay her and she jokingly said “don’t get drunk again”.

That I agreed to, we started talking and eventually we both fell asleep holding each other's hands then I woke up to reality holding my phone. Throughout that day I had this glow on face, I couldn’t explain it but I knew I was happy but then again it was all a dream though one thing that the dream and the real life had in common was the fact that I don’t know her name, even in the dream, I tried so hard remembering but I guess she never told me her name. After this dream, the desire to see her grew stronger but the problem was how to go back to that place and ask the manager about her, I mean that will be weird, though I think the fact that I still can’t stop thinking about her is weird on its own. 

Two days after I had this dream, I told my cousin about it and he brought in a different angle to the whole story entirely, this was something I didn’t even think about but what he said would have made more sense if I had actually slept with her but I didn’t, it was just a bl*w job. My cousin said maybe the girl was one of those girls wey dey use jazz for body, that once they sleep with a guy that has large money, the guy will continue to follow them and spend on them till they become broke and useless. I mean of course I have heard of stories like this but I never for once thought about it from that angle, also I didn’t sleep with her so I shouldn’t be worried but considering the fact say I don ear stories of how ashewo dey stylishly steal people sperm use am do jazz, I was scared because even though I didn’t sleep with her she still made me release, meaning she could have somehow taken part of my sperm. Still somewhere in my mind I still wanted to see her, so I asked my cousin, 'let's assume she jazzed me, won’t it be nice to look for her to beg her or something?'. 

The best thing na to go meet pastor make them wash your head for river and if them say make you go beg then no wahala but finding her should be the last option” this he said. 

Without any doubt, what my cousin said made perfect sense but a huge part of me didn’t want to believe this, somewhere inside of me I believe she wasn’t that kind of girl but what kind of girl is she?, I don’t know, all I know be say she be ashewo

Next episode next week

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