Monday 6 May 2019

There are consequences for internet fraudsters - Vector

Unlike some of his industry colleagues who have either spoken for or against Internet fraudsters, popularly call Yahoo, Lafiagi rapper, Vector has something different to say.
Vector said it will be hilarious for people to think he is a Yahoo boy because he has decided not to judge the culprits. 

He said “I think everyone knows my story and how I started my career in 2009. If I am into yahoo yahoo, it will be too obvious to hide. But I don’t blame anyone who does it because I am not in a position to judge people. I support anything any man does as long as he knows there are consequences. Since you know you can go to jail for it and you still do online fraud, I have nothing to say to you. However, I believe in hard work and I don’t look at anyone’s time to work. I am doing my things the way I should .”

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