Thursday 13 June 2019

Build your relationship as you build your career - Ruth Kadiri advises young actresses

Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri has a relationship advise for all upcoming and young actresses. Ruth Kadiri has advised young and upcoming actresses to start building solid relationships before they hit fame as it becomes almost impossible after they get to that superstar status.
She made this known via her Instagram page saying the up and coming actresses should see their struggling period as the time to start and develop a relationship as it might be too late by the time they hit fame.

She wrote "Dear upcoming actresses while you struggle to build up your career if you are one of those who would eventually want to settle down, learn to build a relationship side by side. It's hard but try. Don't wait till you are a star. Fame is a mirage, you do not know when it will come. When it eventually does, time might not be your friend anymore...story of most Nollywood actresses,"

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