Tuesday 18 June 2019

#StoryTuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode Seven)

Here is the Seventh Episode of our Tuesday Story Series titled, I Married A Prostitute but in case you miss the Sixth Episode you can read it here
It was a scary month for us, there was a massive downsize in our office and at the same time some major promotions took place. 

In my department alone about 20 colleagues of mine were laid off and in David's department I think about 13 were asked to leave. What made it scary for us was the fact that this wasn’t done in a day, they could sack two people on Monday and four on Thursday, just like that people were asked leave.

You go to work in the morning and you are not even certain you will still have a job before closing hours, while we hope for the best, David and I were preparing for the worst, what was going to be our next plan in case one of us gets  fired or if we both get fired. Since Chioma is a business developer, we paid her to develop some sort of business plan for us, giving her the kind of business we will like to operate but in the end we were more than safe. David got promoted as department head and I wasn’t fired so at the end of that month we decided to go out and party really hard just to cool off.

We really did party hard, we went to about five different clubs that weekend drinking and dancing like there was no tomorrow. The last club we went to was where we had the most fun, a lot of crazy stuff happened, like David admitting that he had feelings for Chioma, Chioma herself almost fought with a girl who didn’t like the way her guy was dancing with her and I saw Caroline. We had been to three clubs that Saturday night, so this happened to be our last call, Chioma wasn’t with us from the beginning, and she had only come to join us at the third club. Drinking, talking, laughing, the night was going well, Chioma wanted to dance but David and I weren’t that much of a dancer though if eye dirty reach one stage we dey enter dance floor dance. Chioma left us as she went to dance floor and while she was dancing, David confessed his feelings for her to me.

I know say una don date but I no fit lie you, I don fall for this girl gan and I don’t know how long I can hide it from her” he said to me. I made it very clear to him that I really don’t have any issue with them dating as a matter of fact I will be in support of it because I know he was going to treat her better than I did. I said the major issue is with her, she might feel dating the both of us might look weird considering the fact that we are family and we even stay together but then again if she feels the same way about him, all that shouldn’t bother her that much. I told him to try his luck when we get home and see what happened, it was during this our talk we heard two girls shouting at each other and as we turned around to see what was happening we found out it was Chioma and one other girl shouting at each other, the way David stood and reacted, I could tell for a fact that my brother indeed in love.

After taking her way from the girl, we got to discover that the girl came to meet her and told her to stop dancing with her boyfriend and she was like “tell your boyfriend to stop dancing with me” and that was how the uproar started, started calling her names and all sort. We laughed about it as we continue drinking; David gave me a signal, which was for me to excuse them so I told them I wanted to make use of the toilet as I excused myself. I was on my way back to our table when I saw David and Chioma kissing, in my mind I was like 'that went fast', so instead of going back to the table I decided to go outside to smoke. So I went outside the club, stayed inside my car, put on some music and started smoking.

I was on my third drag when I saw her walking out of the club with three other girls, you guys needed to see my reaction, mehn it was epic.

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