Tuesday 16 July 2019

BBNaija update: housemates talk about relationships

Some of the housemates have been talking about their relationships in the house.
Thelma, Mercy and Diane while chatting with Jeff in the room talked about how men get too comfortable in relationships.

For Thelma, she doesn't think Jeff is a violent kind of partner, rather he strikes her as a very soft-hearted guy. She went on to say he is the type of guy who would rather make rude comments than get physical.

Diane said Jeff has a very gentle way of talking which makes a very calm guy. The ladies went to talk about how guys would come online on social media and won't bother chatting with their partners knowing fully well that their better half was online too.

Jeff made it clear that there was no rule as to who starts a conversation first when partners are online on social media. Diane also wanted to find out from Jeff why guys always have an excuse when they get caught in an uncompromising position by their partner. Jeff replied by saying it is never about excuses rather, it all boils down to trusting each other.

Mercy then asked him what if the reverse was the case, to which he answered saying that there might be issues of trust if he finds his partner in a suspecting manner with another person.

The other housemates later joined in on the conversation as it got really interesting, intense as they all talked about their takes on relationships.

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