Wednesday 10 July 2019

Here's all that went down yesterday in the #BBNaija house

Here is a quick recap of the major things that went down in the BBNaija house on day 9, just in case you weren't able to keep up.
Thelma and Esther's Heated Argument

From all indications, it appears that Esther and Thelma are not fans of each other and this became obvious on day 9 as they got into a heated argument. The housemates had gathered to come up with ideas for drama rehearsals, while that was going on, Thelma and Esther got into a heated argument. The argument began after Esther had confronted Thelma over the use of the word 'imbecile' which according to her is a very sensitive word and topic. Thelma, however, didn't take Esther's statement kindly as she challenged her. It took the other housemates to calm the tension down as the screaming and shouting match between the two ladies disrupted the drama plans.

The Dairy Session

This is one aspect of the Big Brother show we all don't want to always miss. This is where we get to watch our favourite housemates have some personal time and talk about how they really feel. The shocking moment of Day 9 session was when KimOprah said she likes Omashola. That became a trending topic on social media as many felt she was only trying to get votes from the viewers since she is up for eviction.

The Animal Costumes

Big Brother sent a special package to all housemates. The package was costumes of different animals which was part of the plan for the task ahead. Even though they all looked funny wearing the costumes, it didn't take long before they all settled into the outfits and continued their routine for the day.

The Animal Sounds

Remember the animal costume I mentioned, this is where it came to play. During the diary sessions, Biggie had instructed the housemates to get ready to make sounds like the animals whose costumes they were wearing at the sound of the buzzer. Even though it was a very noisy and funny task, the housemates gave it their best.

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