Tuesday 2 July 2019

#StoryTuesday: I Married A Prostitute (Episode Eight)

We are getting closer to the end of this Story Tuesday series titled I Married A Prostitute, here is the link to the Seventh Episode in case in missed it. Read Episode Eight below 
I almost burnt the car seat as I was trying to quickly put out the smoke so that I can meet up with her before she leaves with her friends. You know that thing they say about the universe surprising you?, well that night I was surprised, after months of searching and almost giving up I finally saw this prostitute again.

While I was dating Chioma I had gone back to the ashewo joint where I first met her to stylishly ask the manager the address of their new joint. I engage him in a conversation making him believe I was relocating and I would miss this place. He asked me where I was relocating to and after I told him he said “that's not far from Surulere, we just opened a new branch there, you can check it out”. I acted like I didn’t already know about the new branch and all I needed was just the location, we had few more drinks and he gave me the address before leaving there. This I didn’t tell my cousin neither did I tell him that after the dreams I had, I eventually went to look for the girl at the new address I got. It was on a Friday night and due to the fact the my cousin is now a department head we couldn’t get to go home together because there are nights he had to work late and this was one of those nights. 

From the office that day I drove to the new joint  to look for this prostitute but then again I didn’t see her. At first I went in as a customer hoping I would get to see her but after scoping out the place and there was no sign of her, I decided to go meet the manager. I told him I was having a secret party for my friends and I needed some girls that will keep their company. He brought out pictures of the girls working there for me to pick my choice, so I was flipping through the pictures I came across her and asked him about her, he collected the picture from me and said “she doesn’t work here anymore she just quit by herself two weeks ago”. I said “okay and selected four girls from the pictures he gave me I collected his phone number and told him I will give him a call. I had wanted to ask him for her number but I felt just maybe God doesn’t want me to see her again, so I didn’t bother.

Now here she is walking out of the same club I have been in for over 2 hours, if this isn’t my lucky day then I don’t know what else to call it. I quickly put off the light of my smoke and I ran up to her. “Excuse me, hello Caroline” I called her as I got closer, she and her friends all turned back and from her expression I could tell she was surprised to see me. She paused for some seconds, “Na my client be this” she said with a smile as her friends now gave us space to talk. Out of all the possible ways I have thought of this playing out in my head, I never thought of this, the name she called completely took me off balance as I began to scrabble for words. “The blow job guy” she said and for few minutes I literally didn’t know what to say, “what are you doing here?” she said as she tries to make a conversation with me. “I went to your former working place, dem say na Surulere you dey, I came to Surulere dem say you no work their again, Caroline where have you been?”.

Now she was the one that was speechless and before she could talk I added “I think it’s better you tell your friends to go because you are going home with me tonight” she smiled and like someone that is being controlled, walked back to meet her friends, few minutes later she walk back to me and I took her to my car. 

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