Wednesday 25 December 2019

Tips For Buying an 'Original' Power Bank For Your Smartphone

It is very difficult to get original gadgets in Nigeria notwithstanding whether it is registered by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

A smartphone and power bank are not exempted from the counterfeit problem as both online and offline platforms are replete with them.

With the Nigerians barely enjoying 24 hours power, the need for it to charge your smartphone is important. Do not make the mistake of buying a fake power bank. These tips will help select an original power bank.

Power banks with more capacity tend to be more useful. A power bank's capacity is measured in 'mAh' which is similar to smartphones. So, the more the 'mAh' the more capacity and more charging power it possesses. If you have a charger with a larger output voltage than your current device, you should be able to get several charges for your device.

You should probably buy a lightweight and easy-to-carry power bank to charge your smartphone or other gadgets. The higher the capacity, the bigger the power bank. Power banks with average to high range price will be a great option with no sacrifice in quality.

Before buying a power bank online for your battery, it would be beneficial if you could do some price research. You should buy from platforms that can help you zero-in on the right power banks in low rates with amazing features perfectly matching your needs.

USB features/compatibility
Most power banks come with an in-built USB charger, while some simply don't because you're expected to use the one that came with your mobile device. Since not all USB chargers are the same, many people make the mistake of using a very old USB charger to charge up their power banks. Also, charging your recently purchased brand new power bank through a computer's USB port is not advised.

Checking the quality of power banks is the most important factor you need to consider. Always check for any fault lines before making a purchase, you should never forget to check reviews. For example, the design of the circuit board, the quality of chips used, and how the safety mechanisms are implemented also play a vital role when it comes to deciding the quality of a power bank.

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