Sunday, 12 January 2020

#BringSugarRushback: The National Film and Video Censors Board gives reasons for removing movie for cinemas

The National Film and Video Censors Board offered the explanation following the social media outrage that greeted its decision to remove the movie Sugar Rush from the cinema.
The suspension of the movie has since become a trending topic on Twitter, as Nigerians clamoured for the return of the movie in cinemas with #BringSugarRushback.

Reacting to the outrage, NFVCB in a statement on its Facebook page said, 'Sugar Rush' was suspended in cinemas because of the temporary approval was given for the movie the exhibition has expired.

The Executive Director of the Board, Adedayo Thomas, took responsibility for the final approval of the movie, saying he was preoccupied with extant responsibilities

The statement read in part, It has come to our notice that #BringBackSugarRush is currently gaining momentum on Twitter with many speculating a ban on the movie ‘Sugar Rush’ and presuming the supposed action as a sign of the government’s intention to stifle creativity. The movie has not just significantly increased box office revenues within a short period but has improved our cinematic culture which is a sine qua non for attracting the investment we so much desire as a nation. I, however, take responsibility for the gap in communication and the delay in granting final approval as the temporary approval given for the movie exhibition expired before we could release an official statement due to my preoccupation with extant responsibilities and a backlog of movies requiring approval as a result of the December rush. I am currently working with the distributor, producer, director and key actors to grant final approval for the resumed exhibition at cinemas.

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