Tuesday 28 January 2020

#StoryTuesday: Memories (Episode One)

Today we begin a new story on our #StoryTuesday series. The titled of this new story is 'Memories'. Read episode one below:

He didn’t get to the hospital on time it took him 6 hours after he received the call that she was awake. There had been an accident on the road and this caused a major roadblock, even bikes couldn't move. He thought of trekking down to the hospital, he had gotten down from his car but then he remembered how far the hospital was if he attempts to trek, by the time he'd get to the hospital he would get admitted that's if he doesn’t collapse before his arrival.

He had no option than to go back to his car and wait. While waiting in his car, all he could think of was what he was planning on telling her before the accident. Till date he still blames himself for letting her drive the car, all he wanted was to make that day as special as it could be.  He intended to give her the car as a surprise gift, which was why he allowed her to drive that particular day. That wasn’t her first time of driving though, she had driven her dad's car in the past though not more than 5 times but 3 months ago was the first time she drove his car and unfortunately it ended up being the saddest day of his life. At first, he thought he had lost her, while the car was somersaulting, he watched helplessly as she flew out of the car through the windscreen. Her body landed right in front of the car, he who wasn’t even using his seatbelt had somehow got stuck in the car but once the car landed, he found his way out of the car, dragging himself on the floor just to check on her.

There was a lot of blood coming out from his body but that didn't bother him, he sees her lying on the floor, eyes wide open but no movement, no sign of life, he couldn't bear the thought of her dying, but what he could see at the moment, that was exactly what it looked like. He also blackout after a while because of the last thing he remembered was him dragging himself out of the car to where she was and the next thing he knew, he was on the hospital bed attached to all sort of machine.

His head and ribs were wrapped with a bandage, as he opened his eyes slowly he sees his brother and some doctors, he could feel the pain from his head. It felt like a carpenter was putting a nail on his head. Still, he was able to summon some energy to ask after her but the doctors didn't give him any update instead they told him to rest and not to worry. But he couldn’t, how could he? he feels responsible for everything, he needed to know if she was truly dead or she had somehow survived.

She miraculously survived the accident but she was far from being fine in comparison to his condition, he was way better. Eventually, after three days, the doctors told him her condition and he was allowed to see her for the first time since the accident and all he could do was to shed tears.

So as he waited in the car for the road to be cleared, he thought of so many ways he was going to apologies to her, ever since he was discharged from the hospital, he has been working on the apology speech.

Next episode to be released next week

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