Tuesday 24 March 2020

Music Review: Emmy Gee, Bigiano, Base One make a return to the music scene

My prayers and well wishes to everyone affected by the Coronavirus, this wasn’t what we expected from the year 2020, never the less, we will keep fighting the fight and together we shall all survive, remember to wash your hands regularly, avoid larger gathering, isolate yourself if you notice any of the symptoms which include cough, fever, tiredness, difficulty breathing (severe cases) or call the coronavirus helpline on 0800-970000-10. 
Here is the podcast

You can also listen via Here

The Cha Cha evergreen song for this week is coming from Ghanaian artiste Tic Tac, the title of the song is Fefe Ne efe which also features Nigerian artiste Tony Tetuila. This was one massive hit across Ghana Nigeria and Africa at large.

Other songs you should check out, Check Out

Obesere ft Zlatan with Egungun (Be Careful) Remix
Selebobo with Eliza
Racye with Geshin
Soft with Underdog

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