Wednesday 11 March 2020

Ne-Yo reveals his ex-wife returned her wedding ring when they split

American singer, Ne-Yo, in a recent interview with Joe Budden on his web series, Pull Up, has revealed that his ex-wife returned her wedding ring when they split. 
On how he is dealing with his split from his estranged wife, Crystal Smith, who filed for divorce last month, 

Neyo said: “Without incriminating myself, without incriminating her and without putting any negative connotation on this… I will say that neither one of us was exactly who we needed to be in order for this to last, and that’s why it didn’t. That’s what it was. I own mine, she owns hers, and the craziest thing is there’s no beef, there’s no animosity, there’s no love lost because we both understand that. I can’t speak on her decisions, I can only speak on the fact that there is no animosity here. We both understand that we have kids, and we have to raise these kids, and in order to do that we cannot allow ourselves to get to a place where we hate each other, we can’t let that happen for the sake of our kids. So there is no beef. The song is talking about me and how I’m handling what could be a sad situation if I allow it to be that, I’m looking at it from the positive angle of she gave back the wedding ring, that means I’m not married no more. As opposed to sitting and being sad about it, I’m going to flip it. I’m going to keep it pimping. I’m going to move.”

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