Friday 29 May 2020

Daddy Showkey advises federal government to legalise Cannabis

Nigerian music icon, Daddy Showkey wants the federal government to seriously consider legalising the use of Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In an almost 3 minutes video shared via his Instagram page, the music star wondered why the government has never given medicinal Cannabis a thought.

He said “Where our brains go? Now many countries dey survive on Cannabis wen una dey call Igbo. The thing wen una nor understand be say, Igbo nor be only to smoke am, Igbo get many medicinal purposes. Although some people go misuse am but make we think about the medicinal side. There are a lot of things it can help us with. I have never smoked Indian hemp in my life but I can tell you it can help the youths to get jobs, it can be refined into a cream

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