Saturday 16 May 2020

Exclusive interview with Queen Ojigiri Gbemileke Precious, winner MBGI 2019

While we stay home observing social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had a video interview with Queen Ojigiri Gbemileke Precious, winner of the Most Beautiful Girl in Iba 2019.
It was indeed an interesting chat with the beauty queen as she told us what she has been up to during this stay at home period and so many other interesting things about herself and her crown.

Here is the transcript of the chat

AHM: Tell us about yourself, your family, and educational background.

Queen Gbemileke: My name is Queen Ojigiri Gbemileke Precious; I’m from a family of six, I’m 21 years old and I was born in June. I am an HND2 student of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, and currently studying computer science. My hobbies are singing, dancing, reading novels.

AHM: What does it feel like to be a beauty queen and wear a crown?

Queen Gbemileke: It feels really good, it brings a smile to my face all time I remember the crown I carry because being a beauty queen is not a queen for herself but for a role of service which means so many people look up to as a role model. it brings about more discipline to myself and wearing a crown is priceless as it gives confidence, boost your self-esteem.

AHM: How would you describe your journey since you were crowned the winner of most beautiful girl in Iba?

Queen Gbemileke: My journey so far has been very interesting and challenging at the same time, it's been a task to learn new things and I’m very excited to explore it and know how the system works. Also going to events, shows, interviews, courtesy visits and many more interesting places I haven’t been to before
AHM: Is the journey turning out to be what you expect?

Queen Gbemileke: Yes the journey so far is turning out to be what I expected.

AHM: What were the attractions of the crown?

Queen Gbemileke: The attractions of the crown were prizes for endorsement, ambassadorship deals, and tourist trip. Also to partake in a national pageant and one-year modelling deal.

AHM: What would you say is your ultimate aim in life?

Queen Gbemileke: My ultimate aim in life is happiness

AHM: Do you think beauty pageant help or hurt our societal views about women?

Queen Gbemileke: Yes beauty pageant helps our societal views about women because it gives a platform for the girls to be heard on different levels and most importantly it places them in leadership and mentorship roles.

AHM: About gender equality, do you think women are given the same opportunities as men?

Queen Gbemileke: I think we are not given exactly the same opportunities as men but women are better off today than before moving into jobs that use to be done by men. Day by day women are becoming more recognized and classified as important these days.

AHM: What do you think makes you stand out from other girls that made you won?

Queen Gbemileke: I think what made me stand out from other girls which I also believe was part of the reason why I won is my humility, patience and easy-going attitude.

AHM: What does true beauty means to you?

Queen Gbemileke: True beauty to me means forgetting about yourself and forgetting your outward beauty

AHM: Tell us about your pet project

Queen Gbemileke: I don’t have a name for it yet but I will be helping the less privilege, focusing on children with deformities, providing them with food items to aid their survival. It’s important to make them smile and make them know they are special and important to society.

AHM: So far, what would you say you all gained from the pageant?

Queen Gbemileke: I would say self-confidence, awareness, a positive self-image, grace in poise and opportunities from the pageants.

AHM: What can you say about the Most Beautiful Girl in Iba beauty pageant?

Queen Gbemileke: The Most Beautiful Girl in Iba beauty pageant is a platform of showcasing beauty with brains, focused on physical attributes, intelligence and talent.

AHM: What has been your stay at home routine during this coronavirus pandemic and how have you been staying safe?

Queen Gbemileke: Just like most people, sleep, eat, watch TV (laughs) and working on my school project, pet project. As for staying safe, I’m following the necessary precautions which are hand washing, wearing face masks and practicing social distancing.

AHM: Any final word to your fans and well wishes?

Queen Gbemileke: What else can I say rather than Thank You for the love and support during and after the beauty pageant.  Also, please stay safe, wash your hands regularly, wear your face mask and practice social distancing, God keep us safe (Amen).

AHM: Thank you for your time

Queen Gbemileke: Thank you for having me

This interview was conducted by Abdulhafeez Hafeestonova Onitilo the Creative Director of Absolute Hearts Media

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