Thursday 9 July 2020

ID Cabasa condemns influential people claiming there's no COVID-19

Award-winning music producer, ID Cabasa has called on influential people, especially religious leaders, to desist from building up theories and making claims that COVID-19 does not exist.

He said the fact that they are influential makes people believe whatever they say and this means their theories can impact lives negatively. He went on to narrate how a lady he knows refused to believe there's Coronavirus in Nigeria because her pastor said so. She only believed after her brother was diagnosed with it.

He wrote “As intelligent and influential people, it will be discretional to be quiet and observe things as regards COVID-19 than building up theories around why? I don’t dispute what you feel or believe BUT if what u feel or belief has no FACTS backing it please be careful how you share these things u are feeling it is. You are influential and people will do without thinking whatever u say either in the right context or otherwise... And if there’s a strong conviction about what you feel please be clear so as not to confuse people with what you have not said(Which can be insinuated from what you said) Someone said there’s no COVID-19 and all she could quote was a top MOG... and I am like “Did he ever say there is no Covid? Then she started saying everything is a hoax.. quoting theories upon theories...SMH.. 10mins after she called back panting and nearly crying that she just got a call that her younger brother was exposed to the virus.....Please let’s be careful people... This stuff is real.. Let’s trust God for a cure/prevention soon while we also do our part to prevent the spread...Those who caught d virus already we pray God heal them.”

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