Wednesday 9 December 2020

4 common interview mistakes that can cost you a job

It’s a well-known fact that an interview can make or break your chances of getting a job, regardless of how impressive your resume is or how great a fit you believe you are for the job. To have a great interview, there some things or habits (mistakes) you should ensure you avoid to improve your chances of excelling in an interview. Here are common interview mistakes that can cost you a job. Oversharing
As much as possible, you should try to remember that you’re speaking to an interviewer not a gist partner. Sometimes, in an attempt to project confidence, an interviewee might become way too chatty, sharing unnecessary details of events he/she has no business talking about in an interview. Be sure to keep your nerves in check and stick to more straight to the point answers. Practicing your approach to interview questions beforehand can go a long way in helping you succeed.
Answering Questions in a Rehearsed Way
At the end of the day, interviewers want to genuinely interact with an interviewee and get some insight into his/her true nature and character. This is difficult to do when the interviewee is almost robotic with responses and mannerisms. Even if you have come across the questions asked before, try as much as possible to be authentic with your answers and to let your personality come through. Smile, loosen up a little and don’t be stiff, regardless of how terribly nervous you might feel.
Not Being Smart With Your Mannerisms
Nobody wants a dull, slow or unresponsive person as an employee, as a result interviewers tends to be put off by interviewees that are not smart and quick-witted with their mannerisms. Try as much as you can to avoid talking slowly when answering or asking questions. Project your voice when you speak, avoid sounding dull and speaking in low tones. Make appropriate eye contact (don’t stare down at the interviewer) and also avoid talking too quickly. Ensure you’re audible when you speak and you’re voice projects as much confidence as you can muster, regardless of how nervous you feel.

Giving Uninformed Answers to Questions About the Company
If don’t know something about the company, you should refrain for scrambling to come up with just any answer to the question. Ensure you do your research about the company of course, but if there is something you don’t know, be tactful with how you answer the question. You can offer to share the information you do know or are sure of about the company. Or you can apologize for the oversight, and assure the interviewer you will extend your research and learn the answer to the question asap. This might not totally save you, but it’s much better than giving an uninformed answer. However, you should ensure as much as you can that this never happens and you do your research well enough to answer any question about the company.

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