Tuesday 15 December 2020

Ugandan musician, Cindy Sanyu calls Omah Lay an 'idiot'

Ugandan musician, Cindy Sanyu has branded Omah Lay an 'idiot for posting about his successful concert in Uganda while her colleagues are 'starving' and broke' amid the COVID-19 lockdown in her country. 

Recall Nigerian singers Omah Lay and Tems were today remanded in prisons until for flouting COVID-19 guidelines in Uganda. 

Reacting on social media, Cindy Sanyu, who recorded a video in her car, said while she and her fellow Ugandan musicians have remained calm, obeying the strict COVID-19 rules, they are ignored the most and yet to receive help since President Yoweri Museveni banned all music concerts and closed down bars. 

She claimed that some of her colleagues are currently starving, sick, and broke because of the strict lockdown. The singer then branded Omah Lay a 'goat' for posting about his successful concert in Uganda with fans going mask free and not observing social distancing at the event. 

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