Wednesday 21 April 2021

5 Ways To Build Brand Awareness with Instagram

For many companies, their goal by utilizing social media is to build brand awareness. Brand awareness indicates how many people on social media know you exist and understand what kind of products and services you offer. With all the different tools that the social media platform offers, we wanted to highlight the top ways you could start utilizing them to build your brand awareness today. 


These are all the ways in which your customers or fans are mentioning your products, tagged or not. If they are posting your products, this alone is helping you grow a larger audience because as the saying goes, people buy from people, and those who show your product to others actually help you sell more than you may think. 


Just as your business plan wouldn’t look the same as somebody else’s, your social accounts shouldn’t either. Being authentic and showing the face behind your brand or business is a way to grow your customers to see the real you - this is called the know, like and trust factor. Once you become a reputable face and source in that industry, they will return to you over and over because they know what you offer, thus building awareness.


As is the case with most marketers, you are probably trying to build your brand awareness across multiple networks, but what might work on LinkedIn might not translate back well in your Instagram team. For example, if you are posting a research article link on LinkedIn, there’s no way to promote that on Instagram. Instead, have your graphic design team get creative with a nifty photo or graphic relating to the article. 


Consistency, consistency, consistency. Did I say that enough though? People need to see things over and over again in order to remember it in today’s culture of information overload. That goes for any person, business, or company. There’s a study out there that points out the average person needs to see your product 7 times before they buy - that means it could take just as long for them to understand what it is that you sell. Never assume that your customers know everything about your products, and as long as you are providing valuable content that is educational or inspirational, they will want to see it. 


Don’t only respond to comments under your own posts. Interact with and respond to posts from larger accounts that are either in your niche or are inspiring for your own business. Being one of the first couple of comments on a new post means you’re one of the first accounts that others on the post will see. If this company is in your niche, chances are they could be a fan of yours too and their audience will get to see you often! Hanging out in the accounts of others who have the same mission as you is a great way to find your ideal audience and let them know who you are. 

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Building your brand and spreading awareness of your business might take some experimenting, but having a dedicated strategy is a surefire way to get on the right track. If you like to learn about how to build your brand on Instagram you can take our Digital & Social Media Marketing Course



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