Monday 8 November 2021

Tips to help you make more sales on Instagram

How to sell on Instagram
Take some time to research crucial features, tools, and tactics for success before rushing to set up a gleaming new account for your business. The social network Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for entrepreneurs. More than one billion monthly active users and more than five million daily active users make Instagram a valuable marketing tool for brand owners around the globe. Because around 80% of Instagram accounts follow a brand, there's a lot of opportunities to locate and engage with new customers.

Post Drafts: If you're still on the fence about spending time and money on a scheduling app, don't worry; there's a solution for you. Instagram's drafts tool is a little-known feature. Don't share the photo just yet. Add a caption and tag people in the image as soon as you upload it to the app. 

You can save your post as a draft. This keeps the post in the app, allowing you to access it the next time you publish quickly.

Though it's not quite as excellent as planning your content to the minute, it's still a terrific approach to have content ready to go. Drafts are a great thing to have if your Instagram strategy is a little more spontaneous.

Landing Page : Your bio link should ideally direct visitors to a specific landing page. You should provide more context and information about the photographs or content on your profile on this page. 

If you're in ecommerce or manage a digital store, this is especially true. This lowers friction and allows potential customers to purchase products more rapidly. They don't have to comb through your site to find something they saw on Instagram. The URL even suggests that clicking through would take you to a customized Instagram landing page. Their landing page's contents are instantly recognizable. Potential buyers are shown the same products but with quick links to speed up the checkout process.
Discounts: Instagram may be used to share fast discounts and promotions, which is an underutilized marketing tool. Too frequently, firms are so focused on developing their Instagram style that they leave income generating opportunities on the table. 

Sharing special offers from time to time is a straightforward approach to entice people to act quickly and become customers. On Instagram, it's simple for people to admire your stuff from afar. They may lose interest in you over time if they've been following you for a while. Maintaining their interest in promotions will help keep people engaged.
Partnership with Influencers: Influencer marketing is extensive on Instagram. When you're a frequent user, you're likely to see posts promoted by "tastemakers" with big followings. On the other hand, small businesses rarely use this form of Instagram marketing to grow their following. You'll need to perform some study into prominent Instagram figures in your sector to use influencer marketing. Contact them to collaborate on a post - they'll know what to do. 

 This is a fantastic Instagram marketing tip since it allows you to reach out to your target market segments that you might not otherwise be able to reach. Including a promo code to sweeten the deal will increase conversions and allow you to track the success of each campaign. 

 Here there other tips you know? You can share them in the comments section.

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