Wednesday 8 December 2021

#StorySeries: One Night in Ikorodu (Episode Six)

You can read Episode OneEpisode Two  and Episode ThreeEpisode Four and Episode Five of our new #StorySeries titled One Night in Ikorodu.
This is a story inspired by a true-life event, names have been changed to protect and respect those involved.

It took me about three days to finally give her a date and time when I would be coming around. After the whole conversation I still had to think about it just to make sure, “I mean Ikorodu no be place way person go just wake up dey go without proper planning” and yes I have an Ikorodu plan and these plans are not usually the same, it all depends on my mission or my reason for the visit.

Though I have a basic routine which is usually; first I make sure I have enough cash on me, going to Ikorodu does not cost me more than N2000 but I usually hold like N5000 just in case, I fit need to take a bike or something sha. Then I look at the area where I’m going to, do I have any friends or family there? just in case it’s getting late and I need somewhere to crash or if the hotels there are good.

Another thing I plan for is the traffic, so say I want to see someone by noon, I would be out of the house by 8am, I will rather be too early than be stuck in traffic and I don’t overstay my welcome, like if I say na 2 hours I go spend then na two hours I go spend I don’t even negotiate this. So yeah these are some of the basic things I prepare for before going to Ikorodu.

So on this last Sunday, I left the house around 9AM, we had agreed that we will meet by 1PM and like I explained, I will rather be early, I carried my bag which had my laptop. My time frame was three hours, 1hour 30minutes to teach her what she needs to learn and the rest to flirt and try my luck again. I had already planned that by 8PM latest I would be back in my house and forgetting that I even went to Ikorodu.

But like I have always said the “person wey dey do me, na Ikorodu him dey stay”, a lot of things went wrong from the moment I got to the bus stop where I was going to get Oshodi bus. When I got to the bus stop, e remain three people make bus take full”, it took 1 hour for those three people to arrived. And as expected the driver insisted he had to collect his money before leaving, which was weird because most times they collect the money on the go but this driver say him go collect him money before him comot. Oya begin collect money na, na there trouble start, apparently three people had already given the driver N1000 each from the back and the driver don dey para say him no get change, only for another passenger to give him N1000, the driver said he didn’t have a change, that the passenger should get down.

A lot of people were like “driver go find change for filling station na” which was the normal thing that they do but this one no gree, to cut the long story short, the passenger got down and then we started waiting for another passenger. After waiting for 30 minutes wey no passenger show another person drop sayingthis driver just dey waste time” and before you could say Jack Robinson bus wey remain just one person to full don almost empty as people begin come down.

I won’t even lie to you, the thought of me going back home ran through my mind but then again, I didn’t want to disappoint her, once I make an appointment with someone, I always try to keep that appointment but one thing that was certain was that I was going to be late, I mean, it’s 11 and I never even begin the journey.

I had to take N500 bike to another destination before boarding a bus that was heading to Oshodi, the trip to Oshodi was good, as a matter of fact, it didn’t take up to 30 minutes before the Ikorodu bus I boarded got filled up but wetin we start the trip for, it started to rain.



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