Wednesday 3 October 2012

Funny: What would happen if cars are computers

1) If you get an erection while driving, a pop-up would appear on the
windscreen with the message, "New hardware detected!"
2) A car would take forever to start. It would first list ALL the things it has
in the engine, bring the manufacturer's logo then tell you, "Car Starting.
Please wait". After starting, you then have to wait for the signals to load,
the brakes
, the driver's seat and other items before you use it.
3) When a vehicle suddenly gets in your way and you suddenly slam the
brakes, the vehicle would ask, "Are You Sure You Want To Apply Brakes?"
4) The car would sometimes start and then you realize things are in the
wrong places. The boot is in the front, the steering wheel is in the bonnet
and the driver's seat is on the roof.
5) When someone crosses the road without looking, trying to hoot
suddenly results in hanging of the car horn program. So you hit him, and
when the police come and you say your hornhung, the horn starts working
and blares aloud for each of the times you had pressed before.
6) Cars would get viruses that suddenly hide the speedometer and brakes.
7) Whenever anyone on the passenger seat tries to change the stereo, the
car would say, "Access denied. You don't have the required rights to change
the station"
8) Just when you are doing ninety on the highway, the car functions would
suddenly stop responding.
9) You would drive home very well one day, switch off the car, then in the
morning when you try to start it, it tells you that it cannot locate the
steering wheel.
10) If you give a hooker a lift and you touch her while you are driving, the
following message would appear, "This driver has performed an illegal
operation and will be shut down!" The steering wheel would then
disappear ...

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