Tuesday 24 February 2015

Five Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Married Younger Men

Gone are the days when marriage was between an older man and a younger woman. These days, age is taking a backseat while love gets the spotlight.

In the past decade or so, the stigma which comes with being married to younger man in Nigeria is fast fading away, especially now that famous women are walking that path.
If you are a lady in her 30s and you're dating a guy in his 20s, you need to be ashamed of your relationship, so long as you two are happy and he treats you well, then it's all good. Haters can go to blazes for all you care.
Here, I've compiled a list of five celebrity women who are married to their equally famous partners that are younger than them in age.
  1. Kaffy and Joseph Ameh: Celebrity dancer, Kafayat Shafauaka Kaffy got married to Psquare dancer, Joseph 'Pappy J' Ameh on June 2, 2012 in Lagos. Kaffy is eight years older than her husband, and the age difference doesn't seem to show at all, especially due to her rigorous fitness regime. The two are still happily married with two children, a boy and a girl.
  2. Deola Ayeni and Dare Art Alade: Deola Ayeni, an entrepreneur, married R&B singer, Dare Art Alade onFebruary 17, 2007. Just like Kaffy, Ayeni is eight years older than her husband. The couple who recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary are blessed with two beautiful children.
  3. Lola Omotayo and Peter Okoye: Lola Omotayo has been on the receiving end of people's criticism ever since her relationship with Psquare's Peter Okoye was made public. Omotayo is said to be at least six years older than the singer whom she has been dating for many years. The couple got married on November 19, 2013, in a traditional marriage ceremony, before tying the knot again in a civil ceremony last month, January 2015. They have two children together,Cameron and Aliona.
  4. Toyin Lawani and Trigga Kess: Toyin Lawani, the multi-talented entrepreneur and step-daughter of veteran singer,Shina Peters, had to deal with her fair share of tongue lashing from all corners after she revealed she was in a relationship with Trigga Kess, a budding artiste whom she is 10 years older than. Lawani who now has a son with her younger lover has been the butt of many jokes, with some people calling her his grandmother. However, the feisty businesswoman is not bothered by these words and would always defend her relationship at any given opportunity. The two are engaged but it doesn't seem like the wedding bells would be ringing anytime soon. Anyways, they're madly in love with each other and that's all that matters.
  5. Ann Njemanze and Silver Ojieson: Nollywood actress, Ann Njemanze was a movie sensation in the 90s while she was married to popular actor, Segun Arinze. After their divorce, Njemanze went under the radar, but surfaced again a few years ago. She got married to her new husband, Silver Ojieson, in 2013, and she admitted to journalist that he's five years younger than her. The actress has a teenage daughter from her previous marriage to Arinze.
So, there you have it. Your man's age should not be a deterrent to your relationship, except if you are particularly troubled by it. If not, go on and live your life and be happy!
Which other celebrity couple(s) should be on this list too? Share your answers with me in the comment section below.
Source: PulseNG

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  1. i`m happy for them, they deserve to have love in their life, i also have some tips from celebrities
    https://kovla.com/blog/celebrity-tips-on-marriage-and-divorce/ it helped me a lot in my time!enjoy


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