Monday, 29 June 2015

Check Out Horror Movies That Were Based On True life Stories

There is a common agreed argument in the movie industry that the most touching and intriguing movies are those that are coined out from a real life experience or should I say that are based on real life event. for example the famous Titanic and American Gangster just to mention a few can prove that. Another thing is the fact that most of these movies are either love stories, crime related or even Survival based but little do you know that we also have some horror movies that were actually based on real life event. Below are some lists of horror movies that are not based on the director’s or writer’s imagination but exclusively based on real life occurrence.

     I.            The Rite: this movie tells us the about the fate of a priest who is batting with lack of faith and found himself in the midst of a huge exorcism. The film was base on the real life experience witnessed by Father Gary Thomas who acted as an advisor for the movie.
    II.            The Exorcist: With the whole demon possession present in this movie I am sure it will be hard to imagine this as a real life event but trust me it was. The film was based on a real life event that was documented in a book by William Peter Blatty, where he talked about a young boy who was possessed by an unknown force.
    III.            Dead Ringers: This is a very creepy movie with a creepy tale; it talks about the twin surgeons who trick people into believing that they are one however this movie was about a set of real life twins who were both found dead after suffering from drug withdrawal.
    IV.            Open Water: After I saw this movie going into the waters was something I became afraid of. The movie talks about a couple that were stranded in a shark infested seas and were never seen again both in the movie and in real life.
     V.            Black Water: Going for a fishing trip is a very good relaxing activity but when things don’t turn out as planned it becomes a live nightmare. If you like happy ending then this movie isn’t for you as it tells us about a family who went on a fishing trip only to come face to face with a man-sized crocodiles. As unreal as this might sound the movie was actually inspired by a true life story.

     VI.            Psycho: They say an idle mind is the devils workshop and that is the case of the man in this movie. Psycho tells us about the story of a lonely man who stayed in a motel and how he carried out a number of mysterious and disturbing murders. Ed Gein was a real life serial killer who brutally slaughtered women and the movie was based on him.

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