Saturday 18 February 2023

Religion not a hindrance to my career, says Larry Foreman

As a family man with the insight and creativeness to be a Master of Ceremony and Media Personality, among other things revealing himself as a plethora of talents, Olanrewaju Nwabueze, also known as Larry Foreman’s (Billionaire MC) bane of existence is the desire to make people happy, express himself in an amusing genteel nature, and desires nothing other than his brand as The Billionaire MC spreading across the globe.

Despite holding a Diploma degree in Human Kinetics and a Bachelors of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of Lagos and also a Masters in Healthcare Administration from a prestigious university in the United States of America, Larry Foreman made a name for himself in the entertainment industry by beginning as a motivational speaker and eventually polishing his talent by working with Unilag FM, the radio station of his university. Since then, the well-known MC advanced even while still in school, working with prominent media houses in Nigeria including Wazobia TV, Cool FM and Wazobia FM.

One of Larry Foreman's many life mantras has been working his way up as a creative and branding himself as a unique entity, leaning towards qualities like classy, funny, and being an ideal well-dressed personality. In an industry where people only enter the profession because of the iconic recognition and the wealth that follows, Larry Foreman recognizes his unique selling point as being himself. Once more, in his opinion, the success of an MC or even a hypeman is based on the uniqueness of their brand and how it is promoted.

Asides his mantra of branding himself as a unique individual, he also believes in regulating the entertainment industry to give direction amongst creatives (MCs, hypemen & hypewomen). He concludes that “There should be checks and balances and systems that help people understand that the industry is not a joke and everything requires a level of technical know how”

Larry relocated abroad in October 2019 and met with better opportunities for his craft, while his first gig happened in November of the same year, he at first struggled to reach the light at the end of his dark tunnel before finally becoming the well-established creative. He has anchored events with different racial audience bringing unique humour, crowd engagement and fun making him a leading global event host. 

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Larry is of the belief that his Christianity doesn’t affect his line of work rather he lets his faith reflect in his works. His primary focus are wedding events, destination events, concerts, birthdays and any special occasion.

In light of the oversaturated market, he advocates that all creatives should excel at work with their unique abilities and accepting their true self. Larry Foreman, who has experience working as an MC both nationally and overseas, hopes that MCs and hypemen will receive the proper compensation.

Contrary to the popular opinion of him being perceived as a stand-up comic, he regards himself as a humorous entity. 

Larry Foreman says that 2023 will be the year he releases a song as he has been working with some talented music acts on a project. This is in response to the subject of swinging into music.

For a public figure like Larry, who frequently interacts with women due to his job, understanding is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. He expresses his wife, Abigail Nwabueze, who also happens to be his manager, has a level of understanding and support for him, recognizing that it is one of the challenges that come with the territory. He asserts that while she might care about the affection overtures, she knows how to coordinate herself and that alone, he is okay with.

You can find Larry Foreman on Instagram @larryforeman007




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