Monday 15 February 2016

10 Facts About The Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards are the most highly respected award shows in the music industry. For many musicians, winning an award or simply receiving a Grammy nomination assures that they have officially made it in the entertainment industry.

As we prepare for the While the Grammy Awards are in th58th edition of the Grammy Award tonight, I have decided to share with you some interesting facts about the award show that you may not know about and they are as follow;

1.      The Original Name
The Grammy Awards were originally called the Gramophone Awards and this is because of the gramophone award given to the winners.

2.      Certificate
When an artist wins an award, they are honoured with the actually Grammy gramophone but the producers, who are responsible for the hit song, only receive a Grammy participation certificate.

3.      Michael Jackson Boycott
Michael Jackson boycotted the Grammys after his album ‘Off The Wall’ didn’t received an Album of the Year nomination despite the album’s success and this was In 1980.

4.      The Youngest Winner
At the age of 14, LeAnn Rimes became the youngest artist to ever receive a Grammy Award. She won two awards in 1997.

5.      Refusal Of The Award
Sinead O’Connor won the Grammy for Best New Artist but didn’t want the award because she thought the Grammys were too commercialized. By so doing she is the only artist to her refuse a Grammy Award.

6.      Stevie Wonder Record
Stevie Wonder currently holds the record for the most Grammys won by a solo artist. He has won 28 Grammys along with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
7.      Most Nominated Without A Win
Brian McKnight and Snoop Dogg are tied for being the most nominated artists to never win an award. They both have been nominated 16 times.

8.      Elvis Record
Elvis Presley won three Grammy Awards and they were all in the Gospel category.

9.      Record Breaking Ratings
The Grammy Awards are the second most watched award show right after the Academy Awards

10.  Presidential
Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are the only three U.S. presidents to have won Grammy Awards.

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