Monday 29 February 2016

Absolute Hearts Weekly Video Analysis

It is a beautiful Monday, how was the weekend? Hope you all had a great time because I surely did. Anyway you know how we do it every Monday on Absolute Hearts, we bring you the best music video analysis you can’t find anywhere expect on Absolute Hearts Video Analysis and without any further ado here is what we have for you

1.      Klever Jay- Owo Eko: It is one thing to have a good song it is another thing to have a brilliant video and this song as both. Shot by Clearance this video depicts every details of the song giving the song much more life and much more meaning. This is a very brilliant video with a perfect story line and good camera effect. I rate the video 8/10.

2.      A-Q ft Chuza- Aju Ji Ndi Men: This video was directed by Frizzle and Brizzle and I must say they did a good job. The video brought out the ruggedness in the song and this is something you won't get till you see the video. The video also literally told the story that the song was all about and for me that is a yes yes yes. My rating would be 7/10.

3.      Waje - Ominiknowest: I like it when a director tries to be creative with his works and that is what clearance did with this video. The summary of the song is about doing your thing and that was what Clearance showed us in this video with Waje. The whole black and white scene added more life and blended perfectly with the instrument of the song. Though this is not the first time clearance will be shooting a video with this kind of concept but I must it worked perfectly well for the song. I rate the video 8/10

4.      Kcee- Bureau De Changer: The fact you are a Bureau de changer means that you must have plenty money and Kcee has shown us how rich he is in this video. This is the kind of video that can go for this kind of song. The question I just have is this, How come all his cars are $1million? Let say the Lamborghini and Porsche are $1million, that jeep should cost less because these two cars are normally more expensive. All in all I rate the video 7/10

5.      Banky W- Made For You: And it is official as much as I am concerned Banky as proved himself to be a very creative director and he is on his way to the top in terms of video directing. I don't even know where to start the analysis of this video from, shey na the concept and storyline, the very creative effects or even the perfect beginning and ending. This is one video that gave so much details and still made lot of sense, just like the song the video makes me want to fall in love and do exactly what Banky did in this video to my girl. I rate this video a perfect 10.

6.   Dice Alies- Machinery: If there is going to be an award for best special effect then this video qualifies to be nominated and even go all the way to win it. the effect in this video was very on point and I understand the concept of it being shot in a factory kind of setting it brings that machinery feeling into it. the thing I expected more than anything that I didn't get to see which for me would have made this video perfect is the dance, I mean this is without any doubt a dance song and the fact that he said “ijo dice la le ye” and “dance like machinery” I mean it wouldn’t be bad if we had actually seen a new dance step. Aside from that the girls that were dancing were not given enough scenes to showcase the dance but all in all Visionaries Films did a good job and the rating would be 7/10.

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