Thursday 18 February 2016

Airtel Launches #1000 for 3Gig Data Plan For Smartphones

For a while now, Glo has been the lead network for subscribers with smartphones as their subscription are quite very much okay and according to news online, they boost a very large pull of customers even though smartphone user still have to pull some tricks to use the plan.
However, Mtn launched a daily unlimited plan some days ago for #150 but then Airtel is telling us we deserve more with the new #1000 for 3gig plan.
How to subscribe
To subscribe, simply dial *431#. You need to dial *140# to check your balance.
Does it work on all devices?
Yes, this works on all devices. Whether you own an Android phone or an iOS device, you can enjoy this offer. It also works with USB modems.
As far as I know, Airtel has a poor network coverage in my location and the speed isn’t encouraging. If you’re lucky however, you might attain a good speed if your location has a good network coverage
Anyways I think user still manipulate browsing through various VPN.

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