Saturday 20 February 2016

Andy Wilkinson Retirement After Concussion Injury

Andy Wilkinson has been forced to retire after failing to recover from a concussion injury suffered over a year ago. Wilkinson suffered a blow to the head after he was struck by the ball during Stoke's FA Cup tie against Blackburn on February 14, 2015.

The injury caused Wilkinson to suffer brain damage which affected the defender's vision and made him feel sick, particularly after training sessions. Wilkinson said “It was just volleyed straight in my temple and it shook me, I sprinted back and completely lost my right peripheral vision. I'd just got back in the team so I just played on and didn't let anyone know. I played most of the game without being able to see on my right side. As time went on I developed more things - vertigo, nausea, balance problems. Then I had problems mentally, anger and feeling a bit depressed. Over a year on from the injury there are still a lot of things going on with my brain, my vision, my neck - all sorts of different symptoms. Even if tomorrow I woke up fine and the specialists did say it was fine to play, the risk is far too high
Wilkinson travelled to the USA three times in order to receive specialist treatment from concussion experts in the hope of reviving his career however, those experts have now warned Wilkinson about the high risks of playing, effectively forcing to defender to announce his retirement.

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