Wednesday 2 March 2016

Henry Cavill Addresses Rumours About George Miller Producing

Rumours started doing the rounds last year that director George Miller was being eyed to take the helm of the Man of Steel sequel and reports last week that he will be producing Justice League seemed to add some weight to that.

Well, if it’s happening, Henry Cavill certainly knows nothing about it as the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice star reveals that he’s read the screenplay for Justice League and that he’s particularly excited to work alongside Jason Momoa.

Cavill was reluctant to give too much away about Justice League he did at least weigh in with his thoughts on the conflict between Batman and Superman in Dawn of Justice and why The Dark Knight has an advantage over the Man of Steel due to the fact that the latter cares too much about humanity to simply wipe Bruce Wayne out with a single blast of his heat vision.

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